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Online Banking

Login from the top right of any screen to check your balance, manage your accounts, and make transfers.                                                       Bank Transfers can only be made using a computer. Transfers cannot be made using a cellular or mobile device.

First Time Setup

You will need
  1. Login ID - San Mateo Employees FCU Account Number
  2. Password - Social Security Number (no dashes)


To sign up for online banking we will need a few pieces of information from you. Sign up here.

Link A Financial Institution

You will need:

  1. Bank Account Number
  2. Bank Routing Number


Before you can link a financial institution you must have an Online Banking account. Once you have an Logon ID please contact us for further instructions

Multiple Accounts

If you have multiple accounts each account will need to be set up individually. If same social security number, we suggest you combine them into one account with separate sub accounts.

Make Transfers

To enable your account for transfers please email creditunion at You will receive a confirmation message once these services have been added.

Note: Due to limited office hours, our preference is to receive these requests via email at the address noted above.


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